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Don’t quit

Even a strong vision can come with a constant stream of self-doubt. Part of believing something is possible is to manage the doubt that can insert itself between our vision and our current reality. My first book, How To Have It All, was ready to be published in 2012, and although I had loved writing and was proud of the thought leadership, I was scared. I was scared to launch it out into the world. I had huge doubt about how the book would be received – could I really call myself an author and would anyone actually read it? In fact, after the book was published it took me 12 months to read the book again — even though the evidence had arrived that it was a great success. Before publication, the day came to decide who I wanted to endorse How To Have It All. I decided to ask Brian Tracy, US speaker and author of 55 books. Many laughed at this idea, told me not to be delusional, not to get my hopes up and not to be silly. So in all the self-doubt I wrote the email to his team and waited. And waited. Weeks passed…

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