how to have it all

Christina’s first book How To Have It All was released in 2012 and was immediately endorsed by the iconic Brian Tracy – Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Success Expert and best-selling author of over 55 books including the Psychology of Achievement which has been translated into over 20 languages.

The title How To Have It All sounds like an extremely high aim. At times in our lives this possibility seems close and other times unreachable, often it is not something we even think of wishing for. In How To Have It All Christina shows you how to reach achievement with fulfilment by delivering on the promises you make to yourself.

Living proof that her methods work, she has juggled successful careers in Retail and then Real Estate, and now maintains her thriving Black Belt Thought Leaders practice, two children, personal time and all whilst growing wealth assets.

With her unique stamina to maintain energy, enthusiasm and optimism, Christina is passionate in helping others make every minute count.

Check out this interview where Christina goes into depth about the five success steps for How To Have It All.


How to Have it All is also one of Christina’s most popular Keynote Speeches.

“This book shows you how to decide what you really want, take charge of your life, and persist until you succeed!”


Brian Tracy –
Success Expert & Author


Christina’s second book The True Believers was released in 2014 and was endorsed by Matt Church – Founder of Thought Leaders Global.

A True Believer is one that reaches extraordinary success both professionally and personally. The True Believers is not about the religious or political type – it’s about those who have so much belief, resilience and conviction – so much commitment that they don’t waver. These people know their true North. True Believers know that life is a marathon. In a sprint it’s about crossing the finish line first, but in a marathon it’s all about finishing! This book helps to bridge the gap from just wishing life could be better, to making significant change as a True Believer.

As a mum, wife and highly accomplished business leader, Christina has been studying True Believers for over 30 years and now helps turn cultures, communities and companies around as she shares the three essential qualities of belief, conviction and commitment and techniques for true business and life success.

The True Believers is also one of Christina’s most popular Keynote Speeches.

“Christina is the real deal. She is a fabulous example of her work, super successful business woman, fabulous speaker. VERY inspiring. Belief, commitment and confidence! Three qualities that separate the dreamers from the doers, the good from the great, and those who do from those who don’t.”


Matt Church –
Founder Thought Leaders Global