The True Believers

The True Believers

Christina’s second book The True Believers was released in 2014 and was endorsed by Matt Church – Founder of Thought Leaders Global.

A True Believer is one that reaches extraordinary success both professionally and personally. The True Believers is not about the religious or political type – it’s about those who have so much belief, resilience and conviction – so much commitment that they don’t waver. These people know their true North. True Believers know that life is a marathon. In a sprint it’s about crossing the finish line first, but in a marathon it’s all about finishing! This book helps to bridge the gap from just wishing life could be better, to making significant change as a True Believer.

As a mum and a highly accomplished business leader, Christina has been studying True Believers for over 30 years and now helps turn cultures, communities and companies around as she shares the three essential qualities of belief, conviction and commitment and techniques for true business and life success.

The True Believers is also one of Christina’s most popular Keynote Speeches.

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