Here’s how to find more stamina

Here’s how to find more stamina

The True Believer uses the three superpowers of belief, conviction and commitment to reach fulfilment. And although this final step on the growth ladder may not necessarily be easy, the way to get there is simpler than you think. When we consistently grow up and work towards what we want and persist until we arrive we hit our target more often.

Before True Believers take aim at a target, they stop and think. They think about why they want to hit their chosen target as without a strong why many miss hitting the target altogether. True Believers get super clear about the why to bring stamina, increase productivity, fuel discipline and to drive them to their desired destination.

There are many admirable True Believers who have made a substantial contribution:
– True Believers who have changed community like Mother Teresa 
– True Believers who have changed politics like Gandhi and Mandela 
– True Believers who have changed science like Einstein and Newton
– True Believers who have changed leadership like Michelle Obama
– True Believers who have changed business like Jobs and Branson. 

True Believers are loyal and dedicated to a cause they truly believe in. True Believers commit to finish and as a result deliver on the promises they make to themselves. They attract other True Believers who live with the same sense of purpose and fulfilment. When these tribes form, the collective contribution creates a powerful increase in consciousness — turning cultures and communities around. If you’re feeling a little fearful, lacking clarity and direction, and ready to turn the page and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

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