Private Mentoring


Would you like to receive more income in less hours in 2021?

Are you?

Ambitious but lacking the real know how to get there
Working long hours with mediocre results and income
Paying the bills but not getting ahead financially
Giving so much to others with little time left for you
Good at starting new projects but not at finishing
Needing support and someone who gets you
A little disillusioned - lacking drive, energy and purpose

Would you like to?

Create greater success - turning dreams into a reality
Reduce stress and overwhelm - become super-productive
Have commercial conversations that lead to financial freedom
Finally master the art of looking after yourself - guilt free
Get the things done that really matter and commit to finish
Adopt an excuse-free culture for business and life
Hold the vision and have support through the challenges
Reach greater fulfilment - living life according to your values

Private Mentoring Programs are about growth

What you will learn from Christina as your mentor

With a mastery in helping others in personal and professional development Christina knows that the greatest risk against the human race is not war, or environmental issues, or disease. The greatest risk are those who listen to and are sold on their own excuses for why they can't have the life they want. Christina’s role as mentor is to call out the self-sabotage and shine a light on what's possible and to believe in others before they often believe in themselves. And in turn to develop more leaders to do the same. Many live a life of drama, excuses and regrets and it's the courageous ones she develops who really make their mark. The Leading Women Programs are about taking ownership of your business and life success - learning, being supported and held accountable by a mentor who has walked their own successful path. The focus is on making decisions, acting with discipline and heading in a direction aligned with your values, while adopting an excuse-free culture, doing the things that matter and being surrounded by a True Believer Tribe. Christina's powerful proven business and life formulas are how Leading Women achieve extraordinary growth, fulfilment and success.


You may prefer to dive deeper with a longer program together. Would you like to work with a confidant who truly cares - who helps to identify the self-sabotage and shines a light on what's possible? Over 6 months together we will create greater self-belief, personal power and purpose driven productivity in both your personal and professional life. Be supported and held accountable by a mentor who has walked their own successful path.

As one of my private clients you will not only receive 6 x Private Sessions, you will also have access to me at any time throughout the 6 months. This is a rare opportunity to have continuous support as you navigate life's constant ups and downs. A deep relationship then forms providing a powerful, joyful and rare partnership.

What to expect from this Private Mentoring Program

A full work/life diagnosis of where you are at now
Identify the patterns, behaviours and excuses that hold you back
Dive deep into an awareness around what you truly value
Create meaningful Value Based Directions for the next 12 months
Develop a powerful and effective plan
Discover the next steps for becoming super productive
Learn how to walk forward with the 5 principles for progress
Be held accountable for the body, mind and soul routine
Create a clear vision and be supported to stay on track
Make decisions around relationships that matter
Leverage your income while working less hours
Do work you like, with people you like, the way you want
Learn to live a life of unapologetic freedom!

Exceptional value at $5,500 AUD inc gst
Payment plan available.

For any questions, please email or if you're ready to book in, register below!

Please listen to a very personal podcast interview featuring Christina on The Sally Steele Show. Learn how Christina navigated family, her divorce and work to create a meaningful life of purpose.
Listen here

"I appointed Christina as my advisor 9 years ago - I was an agent writing $300,000 GCI, with little work life balance and feeling constantly overwhelmed. Today, as the Sales Manager of a winning team of 10, while personally achieving $1,500,000 in GCI last year, all while being a loving partner and a mum of 2 young kids - it’s an understatement to say that Christina has been a lifeline. Working with Christina has been life changing for me. She is so relatable and full support on my personal and career journey. Having her 25 years wealth of knowledge in the industry combined with her care and accountability is the reason I will always continue to work with Christina."

Tara Torkkola
“Christina has helped me increase my business turnover by 30%. I have been thrilled to have her guidance. She has truly exceeded my expectations. Christina has helped me to find much needed clarity regarding all aspects of my life. I’m feeling healthier and fitter than I have done in years. Christina is a powerhouse, pocket rocket who shows you How To Have It All. I cannot recommend her skills and friendship highly enough. She is so inspiring.”

Dr Sarah Woodbury
“In October 2014 I attended the CG Leading Women Annual Event at Versace on the Gold Coast. At the time I could not have imagined that attending this event and meeting Christina would have such a profound impact on my life and career. Working with Christina as my mentor for the last 18 months has enriched my life in ways that I did not think possible two years ago. She has an amazing ability to guide, motivate, inspire and encourage and has helped me achieve commercial success, increasing my profit by 100% in the last 12 months, while living a life true to my values.”

Jean Brown
“I just wanted to say thank you so much. I am so excited and for once in my life I have a clear vision and I am in control. I’ve been working with you now for some months and I can honestly say you have change my life. When I first came to you I was confused on what direction I was going in, I was being pulled in so many different directions; my business, my personal finances and my family. I now have my passion for writing a book and helping people. YOU helped me to work through them all and made me realise the importance of my position in the business and “How To Have It All” – family, business and my own personal journey. I know I have a long way to go but I also realise how far I have come.”

Rosemary Simone

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on success, belief, conviction and commitment. For over 25 years, she has walked her own extraordinarily successful path as a mum and business leader with extensive sales, leadership, productivity and mindset expertise.

Christina is the founder of Leading Women – a series of transformational programs and events energising women from all walks of life to achieve sustainable success and empowerment. She inspires women everywhere to trust in her proven methods of success. Christina is also a partner at Thought Leaders Global – an International educational company obsessed with helping clever people in organisations and businesses be commercially smart.

Christina is proud to be awarded Telstra Business Awards NSW 2016 Finalist. This recognition is for all those clients who continue to commit to their success through adopting an excuse free culture.

As a keynote speaker Christina is a stand out. She combines inspiration with practical solutions, shifting audience mindsets and attitudes with high energy, humour, authenticity and world class thought leadership. Her outstanding keynote appearances are perfectly designed for each occasion, creating maximum impact and exceeding audience expectations time and time again. Christina is a prolific author. In 2012 she wrote How To Have It All – delivering on the promises you make to yourself, followed by The True Believers – the power of belief, conviction and commitment in 2014. Her third book Sell It Like You Mean It – master conviction selling will be published soon.

With mastery of execution, a genuine passion for nurturing potential and a unique depth of knowledge and skills – Christina is a powerhouse. Her mission is to energise others to take personal responsibility and build a team of support – their True Believer tribe – as the pathway for extraordinary success. Many clients initially present with lack of purpose and fulfilment – being pulled physically, psychologically, emotionally and financially. After implementing Christina’s tried and true success formulas, clients are energised and inspired by their increased achievement and fulfilment at work and in life.

So what’s next?

Nothing left to do but let Christina be your success mentor!