Reflecting on the year that was

Reflecting on the year that was

Even though we don’t want to live in or dwell in the past, before leaping forward into 2022 don’t miss a crucial step taken by the highly successful and fulfilled. It’s time to reflect on the past, as this is where little clues lie that have a big impact on creating memories worth holding onto.
What are your clues from the past? Spend some time writing down what you have learnt from the past year. Then we are truly ready to expire the old stuff, the stuff we no longer need. Like any great structure, the foundations must be strong.
We have patterns of behaviour — some serve us and some don’t.  The solution is to ramp up those behaviour patterns that serve us and sever those that don’t. We can exist almost unconsciously— unaware of how our actions are knitted into patterns.
Consider the last year carefully and become aware of how your behaviours have affected you in the following areas: 

  • mentally 
  • emotionally 
  • psychologically 
  • physically 
  • financially. 

Recall times when you were fulfilled, feeling motivated, purposeful and moving in the right direction. What were the patterns or habits you had then? Do you still have them?
Mark out the tough times — what were your patterns and more importantly, are you still carrying them? Do these patterns hold you back? What are you prepared to do to break those patterns that aren’t supporting you to live the life you want?

If you’re feeling a little fearful, lacking clarity and direction, and ready to turn the page and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

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