We understand that selecting the right speakers for your event is essential – not only for the success of the event but for the impact after the event and beyond – the ripples of change need to be evident to truly call the event a success. It’s not just about the right speaker, it’s also making sure we are not repeating the same old messages. We need less noise and more signal these days. We want engagement and an audience ready to step up!

We can help with that. We would love to work with you and give your event a real WOW factor.

Christina Guidotti is one of Australia’s leading experts on success, belief, conviction and commitment. With 25-years proven track record, having walked an extraordinarily successful path as a mum and business leader with extensive sales, leadership, productivity, mindset and no excuse culture expertise – she is a powerful catalyst for change.

As a partner at Thought Leaders Global – an International educational company obsessed with helping clever people be commercially smart, the CEO of Leading Women, a Telstra Business Awards NSW 2016 Finalist and a down to earth woman, her message is to increase the consciousness needed to inspire action. Who needs another conference where things stay the same? We need to disrupt and transform thinking.

The key is combining inspiration with practical solutions, shifting audience mindsets and attitudes with high energy, humour, authenticity and world class thought leadership. Christina’s outstanding keynote appearances are perfectly designed for each occasion creating maximum impact and exceeding audience expectations. There will be laughter, deep insights and much note taking by delegates. She also likes to spend some time with the organisers before the event, ensuring we design the keynote, and sometimes a follow-up break out session.

The added bonus is Christina is a prolific author – in 2012 publishing How To Have It All – delivering on the promises you make to yourself, followed by The True Believers – the power of belief, conviction and commitment in 2014. Her third book Sell It Like You Mean It – master conviction selling will be published soon.

We are not offering to fill a space on your keynote calendar – we are offering to inspire your audience to engage and take action – that’s what Christina loves to do, and she hopes to chat with you soon about working together.


1. How To Have It All

Key messages: Responsibility, Clarity, Choices, Productivity, Fulfilment, Relationships and Motivation.

In the Western World the standard of living is going up but the quality of life is going down. Busy people are struggling to juggle everything as they rush from one task to the next all day long, finally collapsing into bed at night. Discover how to have the best health, wealth and relationships with Five Steps to Success and learn to deliver on the promises you make to yourself by adopting an excuse free culture. A popular keynote for those in search of personal and professional success and those who strive for both high achievement and fulfilment. As the author of How To Have It All in 2012, Christina shares her wisdom on cracking the formula for phenomenal success. Having walked her own extraordinarily successful path as a parent and a business leader for decades, she is living proof that the methods she teaches to many really work.

2. The True Believers

Key messages: Leadership, Success Mindsets of Belief, Conviction and Commitment, Inspiration, Energy and Team-building.

Have you ever met a True Believer? They are those who have so much belief, resilience and conviction – so much commitment that they don’t waver. These people know their true North. True Believers know that life is a marathon. In a sprint, it’s about crossing the finish line first, but in a marathon, it’s all about finishing. A perfect keynote for those wanting to bridge the gap from just wishing life could be better to making significant change as a True Believer. As a mum and highly accomplished business leader, Christina has been studying True Believers for over 30 years and now helps turn cultures, communities and companies around as she shares the three essential qualities of belief, conviction and commitment and techniques for true business and life success. Christina’s second book The True Believers was published in 2014.

3. Sell It Like You Mean It!

Key messages: Making more sales and increasing positioning in the marketplace, client care, referral business, communication and commercial success.

What makes a highly successful salesperson? It is the one who withstands both internal and external pressures over a long period, who is positioned as the go-to person in their industry, who builds brilliant relationships and makes more sales. These exceptional sales experts stand out with unwavering conviction, contagious enthusiasm and a passion for solving problems. Those who say Yes to these truly influential sales experts will fondly remark that resistance is futile. Sales are Christina’s passion. She is a highly accomplished business leader with over 25 years of experience in sales and positioning – and she is most certainly an expert on conviction selling. This keynote is a must for anyone in sales – to learn how to Sell It Like You Mean It. Christina will share her proven methods on how to be an extraordinarily successful salesperson who gets the Yes more often.