Top of your list

Top of your list

After 10 years mentoring people there is a common struggle we work at addressing. Many work long hours and get things done to try to meet all their commitments or to get ahead. Increased choice and demands brings increased stress and more conflict between work and family life. This daily routine is overwhelming for many and becomes a ritual for survival. The World Health Organization reports on the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety. For a worker the challenge is to find ways to work smarter and not necessarily harder.
Do these sound familiar? 

  • I’m working longer and longer hours with mediocre results.
  • I run all day long then collapse exhausted into bed at night.
  • I’ve got no time or energy to exercise.
  • There’s too little time and energy for the kids and for my partner.
  • There’s not enough time to see my friends.
  • All the spare time is taken up doing chores.

On the True Believer growth ladder, we can see the worker gets things done but often feels time poor and struggles to stay well, maintain relationships and pay the bills. With all of life’s demands they often put themselves at the bottom of the list causing increasing stress, not only for themselves, but also for those who are close. Although workers get things done, they struggle when they don’t have the time to get the things done that really matter. And as life goes on, the pressure compounds and so do the consequences of simply working harder or longer hours.
Work smarter, not harder.

Will you make some changes for 2022?
Look after YOU and be at the top of your daily to do list. 

If you’re feeling a little fearful, lacking clarity and direction, and ready to turn the page and start fresh – then I’m here for you.

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