What really matters

What really matters

Working long hours does not necessarily bring productivity and fulfilment. It’s not the number of hours that matters it’s what is within those hours and are they filled with growth and progress?

With 12 years in real estate under my belt, I’ve certainly worked my fair share of long hours! However as a leader I strived to make each day full of hours of progress not just hours. I had one of the most profitable offices in Australia and NZ and part of our success was that we worked to a five-day plan of effective hours. Equally important were the hours of progress in other areas of our lives such as health, relaxation, fun and relationships.

Make every hour count by working towards what you value like your:

physical and mental health
personal development and learning
family relationships
quality friendships
relaxation and good sleep
recreation and fun!
work achievements
financial freedom
growth through challenge.

My clients in the Leading Women Programs know that it’s about the time we spend creating hours of growth and progress towards what we value that matters. This is where fulfilment lies. For that reason I recommend we work 24 hours of progress every day.

With a definition of success as living a life according to your values we spend more hours getting things done that matter – we create highly productive hours.

When we aim for hours of progress rather than complaining about hours worked life moves forward – forward with each hour of progress!

Every Minute Counts and You Can Have It All! ®
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